Ivan Ostrochovsky/ Slovakia / 2015 / 75 minutes

Peter “Koza” Balaz is a former Olympic boxer, now forgotten and living in poverty with his pregnant girlfriend Misa, who presses Koza to find the necessary money for an abortion. Koza, out of other options, once again steps back into the ring, literally risking his life in the hope to earn some much-needed cash and possibly change Misa’s mind.

This docu-fiction hybrid from Ivan Ostrochovsky, bleak but infused with dark humour, inspired by and starring the real-life Roma boxer who competed in Atlanta 1996, is the director’s first venture into the fiction territory. The cinematography by Martin Kollar is reserved yet beautiful, with many long static shots, something you would not expect from a boxing drama.

Source: info@plutofilm.de

#Slovkia #Boxing #Humour #Olympics #FilmFestival #IndieCork2017

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