Sci-Fi Gems

Polish sci-fi movies are a rare hidden gems. Polish filmmakers, behind the Iron Curtain over years several times. Even Andrzej Wajda, a Polish Oscar winning director, made a shortmid-length film about transplantology about Richard Fox - race driver - whose organs were donated, which was a cause for insurance company to state that he is not fully dead.

80’ in Poland were one of the darkness time during Polish Communism. Filmmakers has made several sci-fi films, which were kind of escapism and reference to current situation in Poland. Films taught not only about totalitarianism, but also about violence and even a big fear of aliens.

One is a cult film in Poland, which we will also show in Cork - SEXMISSION (Seksmisja) which portray a gender apocalypse and follows two last man on the women earth. Another one is one of the best films of Piotr Szulkin - Polish sci-fi specialised director, who did THE WAR OF THE WARS: NEXT CENTURY (Wojna światów - następne stulecie), which is one of the darkest cult film inspired by Orwell’s universe.

Welcome to sci-fi universe of Polish 80’ !

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