Tuesday Oct 10th / 5.00pm / Village Halll
Best of Hungarian Shorts

Curated by Janka Pozsonyi / Hungary / 94 minutes

Selection of the best Hungarian short films prepared specifically for
VFF at IndieCork 2017 by our dedicated curator Janka Pozsonyi.
This is colourful mix of live action and  animation, comedy and drama, forbidden love, giant carrots, existential angst and quests for freedom. 
A journey from real life drama to a world of pure fantasy all through the eyes of the biggest filmmaking talents from the beautiful country
of Hungary. We are specially excited to be able to present you the Oscar winning short film Sing, winner for best live action short film
in 2017.

Friday Oct 13th | 5.00pm | The Village Hall
Zubroffka. Awarded Polish Films.

presented by Maciej Bialous /Poland/ 82 minutes

We are happy to welcome back for the third year our partner, Zubroffka Film Festival.
This is a special selection prepared for IndieCork by the Zubroffka jury and curators. We invite you to a film trip around Poland and its cinematography. Watching Polish films, analysing the world, and taking in our happy or melancholic aspects through film, will truly give you an insight into the Polish soul.
Festival ZUBROFFKA is an open event respecting diversity; characteristic of the region of Podlasie, bringing artists together who
value the world, it’s people and nature. We provide a platform for exchange, which brings artists together from East and West.

INTRO żubroffka by Kijek/Adamski

  • THE DEAL dir. Ewa Smyk, Poland

  • KONIEC ŚWIATA / THE END OF THE WORLD dir. Monika Pawluczuk, Poland

  • 黒 (CZERŃ) / BLACK dir. Tomasz Popakul, Poland

  • Story of Nothingdir. Grzegorz Jaroszuk, Poland, France

  • DEBIUT/DEBUT dir. Katarzyna Kijek, Poland

Thursday Oct 12th | 9.15pm | Gate Cinema
It’s Not The Time Of My Life

Szabolcs Hajdu / Hungary / 2016 / 81 minutes

Winner, Best film, Karlovy Vary Festival
Director, Szabolcs Hajdu will introduce the screening

Wednesday Oct 11th | 5.00pm | The Village Hall
Other Visions (Shorts)

We are very excited to welcome our new partner PAF for the first time at the Visegrad Film Festival.
Other Visions established a solid place in PAF’s programming in 2007, as a result of the effort to discover and present various forms of moving image which would testify to the creativity of the current generation of Czechs and artists working in the Czech Republic.
We are proud to present you two of the Other Visions segments specially selected by the PAF team for Visegrad Film Festival and in extension for the IndieCork audience. First one Animated Vision #1 was created from hundreds of videos from previous competition entries over the past decade while the other Moravia, Beautiful Land I & II Petr Sprincl’s and Lukas Jiricka’s perception of Czech region Moravia as southern Moravian Slovakia
Animated Vision #1. | CZ | 2008 - 2016 | 63’34”
Moravia, Beautiful Land | dir. Petr Šprincl | CZ | 2015 | 30’
Moravia, Beautiful Land II |dir. Petr Šprincl | CZ | 2016 | 43’13’
Source: www.pifpaf.cz

Monday Oct 9th / 4.00pm / Gate Cinema
Hotel Sunrise

Maria Rumanova / Slovakia / 2016 / 49 minutes

This compelling, poetic documentary is a debut film, portraying a town on the very edge of the European Union and the collective identity of its residents. Cierna nad Tisou, once known as the “Golden Gate of Socialism”, has now become a run-down smugglers den on the Eastern periphery. The characters in this film find their own ways to navigate the dysfunctional system, often skittering along the edge of the law and common sense, but their stories are all the more enuine, expressive, and human.
Source: katarina@kaleidoscope.sk

Sunday Oct 8th / 6.45pm / Gate Cinema

Ivan Ostrochovsky/ Slovakia / 2016 / 75 minutes

Peter “Koza” Balaz is a former Olympic boxer, now forgotten and living in poverty with his pregnant girlfriend Misa. Koza once again steps back into the ring, literally risking his life in the hope to earn some much-needed cash and change Misa’s mind about their future.
This docu-fiction hybrid infused with dark humour, inspired by and starring the real-life Roma boxer who competed in Atlanta 1996, is the director’s first venture into the fiction territory. The cinematography by Martin Kollar is reserved yet beautiful, with many long static shots, something you would not expect from a boxing drama.
Source: info@plutofilm.de

We are delighted and honoured to present this year’s Visegrad Film Festival under the umbrella of IndieCork during their 5th anniversary edition. If it wasn’t for IndieCork there wouldn’t be a Visegrad festival in the first place, giving us immense support and inspiration since the very beginning. That is why this collaboration so special to us.

Visegrad Film Festival brings to Cork once again a brand new selection of short and feature films from the Eastern European region of Visegrad.

Excited? Ready? So…where the hell is Visegrad? Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia – a rich cinematic tradition combined under the united name of Visegrad. All four countries of Visegrad are represented at IndieCork, with amazing fresh content from recent years, films recognised internationally, several even acknowledged with the most prestigious of awards including an Oscar.

Each screening will be presented by the filmmaker or a curator coming to
IndieCork / Visegrad; to present personally to you the audience!

-Peter Zemek, Visegrad Director-

Koza - Foto 05 - Autor Martin Kollar
Koza - Foto 03 - Autor Martin Kollar
Koza - Foto 02 - Autor Martin Kollar
Hotel Sunrise - Still 04
Hotel Sunrise - Still 03
Koza - Foto 04 - Autor Martin Kollar
Koza - Foto 01 - Autor Martin Kollar
Hotel Sunrise - Still 05
Hotel Sunrise - Still 03


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