Ondrej Svestka

Director of two shorts from “Visegrad Films from the Emerald Isle”

Ondrej is a freelance Filmmaker, Director, Scriptwriter, Photographer, Camera Operator, Editor from Czech Republic living the last 8 years in Ireland. Filming, editing and scriptwriting has been his passion for many years. Ondrej had lived in Ireland from 2006 to 2012. During these years he had made short films and had been shooting various events (weddings, baptising, ..) occasionally. He graduated from St. John`s Central College Film and TV Production course. In 2012 he had returned to The Czech Republic for a change of scenery but since February 2014 he is based in Cork, Ireland.

“My growing love for creating videos led me to turn my passion into a profession. And I would like to share this love with you.”

Magdalena Banasik

Serial manager and film geek.

Magda has been working in the film industry since 2007. She managed various film events and projects, including the industry part of the Warsaw IFF: CentEast  market,  programme of the Warsaw IFF and workshop for producers Closing the Gap.  She produced a short film MERCY (Poland 2011, written and directed by Eliza Subotowicz), which traveled to 20 festivals round the world and recently joined a group of friends-in-film to support the production of KAMPER (Poland, 2016, directorial debut of Łukasz Grzegorzek).  Magda  graduated from Economics and from Production at Polish National Film School. She is Polish, currently based in Berlin, Germany.

Guest: Marcin Luczaj 
Curator for the Polish Focus 

Marcin graduated in Film & Media Studies from the University of Lodz in Poland. He is a programmer for ZUBROFFKA Short Film Festival and Warsaw Film Festival and has done film selection for several international film festivals abroad. Apart from festivals, he also works for Koi Studio, a Warsaw-based production company where he works on various film projects and commercials. In 2011–2013 he coordinated one of the first schemes for the distribution and sale of short films in Poland - World Shorts. He likes Iceland.

Guest: Imelda Selková 
Slovak Film Institute, Introduction to SlovaK selection

of features Graduate in Roman Philology (French language, culture and media studies) and International Development at the University of Vienna. Since the times of her studies, she has been involved in various cultural projects before joining the Slovak Film Institute in 2016 as film promotion agent and film event coordinator, responsible for international relations of the Institute and the promotion and visibility of Slovak cinema (both archive and recent) and audiovisual industry.

Guest: Martin Dušek

Documentary Into the Coulds We Gaze , org. K oblakům vzhlížime

2014, documentary, 66. min, CZ

The smell of burnt rubber, clouds of smoke, suede upholstery and the roar of the engine are at the centre of Rada's world. All of his days are spent in pretty much the same way: repairing the engine of his beat-up Ford or looking for work in nearby factories. But the nights are for booming tuning festivals. Though he usually loses in the parade, the darkness momentarily disguises the imperfections of his car and the even greater imperfections in his life. Against the backdrop of Northern Bohemia, a region with high unemployment and infamous anti-Roma marches, Martin Dusek's film presents a melancholy picture of an aimless generation of young people.


Author’s Bio:

Martin Dušek (b. 1978, Czechoslovakia) studied TV journalism at Charles University in Prague, and documentary filmmaking at FAMU. His feature-length documentary debut A Town Called Hermitage was named Best Czech Documentary at the Jihlava IDFF and was later shown at the IFF in Göteborg. Last year, Dušek filmed The Analogs, which focused on the illusion associated with working in TV, particularly under the totalitarian regime. The visually appealing Into the Clouds We Gaze follows a group of unemployed youth in northern Bohemia who escape from the everyday routine through their passion for car tuning.



2005 Dokumentálové (student film)

2007 A Town Called Hermitage

2009 Vikingové z Brna (TV film)

2010 Coal in the Soul (TV film)

2011 Mein kroj (TV film)

2012 Ve znamení psa (TV film)

2013 Český žurnál (TV series)

2013 Český žurnál: The Resounded Village (TV film)


The Analogs

2014 Czechtuning: Into the Clouds We Gaze*

Guest: Barbora Bereznňáková

Short Film & Installation Remembering ’90 (2015)

Slovak amateur video archives from 90ties, collected systematically  by the author since 2012, offer a view into the personal situation of post-revolutionary times in former Czechoslovakia.  Taken out of the original context, "film stripes" acquire a new perspective enabling a reflection on the amateur way of storytelling but also the content of the depicted reality.


Author’s Bio:

Barbora graduated from University of Performing Art in Bratislava, spent one semester studying Film directing at NYFA, and one year of animation and post-production studies in UPV, Valencia, Spain. Since she finished her studies she works as a freelance filmmaker and director. She worked on TV documentaries and videos for various art/ngo productions as director or editor (national art prize, music videos etc.) She also produced video projections and video art (video art show in San Jose CA, video installations in White Night festival in Bratislava, etc.) Long-term I am interested in finding a new ways of storytelling in film and cross-genres. She is now preparing her documentary debut – Never happened - about a political murder in Slovakia in the beginning of “90.

Guest: Krzysztof Sienkiewicz 
Coordinator for the selection Film Podlasie in Attack! Reloaded

Krzysztof Sienkiewicz is an energetic promoter of Polish culture (known as part of collective Podlasie Makes Me Happy on cultural media sites.) He is organizer and coordinator of  Film Podlasie in Attack! Reloaded, project that promotes creative people and films from the Podlasie region of Poland. He works for the Bialystok Cultural Center that runs and organizes festivals International Short Film Festival Zubroffka and the Underground/Independent.

Guest: Janka Pozsonyi 
Curator for the Hungarian selection

Janka Pozsonyi is a journalist, photographer and a Masters student of film, based in Budapest, Hungary. She is working for Daazo, an international short film platform, she’s also an editor at World of Young Cinema Magazine, and Filmhu, a site that’s focusing mainly on Hungarian cinema. Visiting and covering film festivals is her main passion, and festival programming is one of her future goals. 

Guest: Peter Badač
Curator for the Czech selection

Peter studied film production at the Academy of Performing Arts VŠMU in Bratislava, and at the Academy of Performing Arts FAMU in Prague. He spent 2010 studying at the HFF Konrad Wolf in Potsdam – Babelsberg. In 2011 Peter founded  a production company BFILM, where hw works as a producer till now. He collaborated on the production of Matúš Vizár’s animated film Pandas, awarded in Cannes and Annecy. Since 2015 he is an artistic director of The Finale Plzen, Festival of Czech and Slovak films.

Guest: Eva Pa
Curator for Slovak selection & lecturer of

"workshop Cut your own"

Graduated at Law studies at Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava and Directing and Producing studies at Film School in Zlín. In 2010 she co-founded the KINEČKO magazine (www.kinecko.com), where she works as a executive producer and editor. She also co-founded FILMTOPIA – a distribution company, which shapes itself as a distribution laboratory for researching new ways of distribution, especially for independent cinematography. In 2014 she started to work as a specialized producer for animation in a Slovak production company Bfilm. In her spare time she focuses on shooting experimental films.

Roksana Bursztynowicz

director Me, Myself and I (2016)

segment "Visegrad Films from the Emerald Isle"

Roksana Bursztynowicz is an actor and filmmaker based in Dublin. After graduating from acting school in Cracow she worked in theater for 6 years where her passion for visual art and film developed. She is currently in her second year of film studies during which she shot her first short movie “Me, Myself and I” (2016).

Marcin Lewandowski

- photographer born in Poland, currently living in Ireland since 2004.-

Music video Duel with a pessimist (2016) org. Pojedynek z pesymista

“I was introduced to photography as a little boy by my father who was a keen amateur photographer. After studying journalism, among other things I was doing for a living, I kept

photographing on a side, often as a weekend warrior. In year 2011, being dragged by my defiant character, I decided to step on a path of full time photography and since then I constantly polish my craft by expanding understanding of the medium.”

His work was exhibited in Ireland and UK, it was also printed nationally and internationally

as well as published across the internet.

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